Aquí os dejo unos exámenes de Selectividad (PAEU - Prueba de Acceso a Estudios Universitarios) para quien quiera practicar. Están en formato de texto y podéis descargarlos.

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  1. A bag full of problems 
  2. Afternoon tea
  3. A Trip to England
  4. BookCrossing     
  5. Cats
  6. Cigarettes have 600 additives
  7. Differences between Spain and Great Britain
  8. Exchange visits, paying guests and au pair arrangements
  9. Family doctors   
  10. Gates's house  
  11. Getting ahead or going down  
  12. Global wildlife extinction 
  13. Going Green    
  14. Insects make the snack  
  15. Is bird flu Nature's revenge?   
  16. London   
  17. Music, the Internet and copyrights
  18. Parents!
  19. Peace and silence    
  20. Personal trees  
  21. Pie in the sky  
  22. Potential dangers of rock music
  23. Press agencies obsessed with disaster    
  24. Run like the wind
  25. Senator wants to jump-start college for all
  26. Smart clothes.
  27. Sometimes they seem almost human 
  28. Soccer violence    
  29. Spain's water wars   
  30. The real father of Donald Duck
  31. The Spread of English
  32. The world's oldest woman  
  33. Using a public telephone
  34. Village welcomes "vampire" 
  35. Violence and entertainment  
  36. Yellowstone    


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