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Pasado simple -Pasado continuo (5)

Ejercicio para 4º ESO
(An exercise for Intermediate students)

Rellena los huecos con pasado simple o pasado continuo.
(Fill in the blanks with simple or continuous past tense.)
car accident
You are the driver of the blue car and tell how the accident happened.
I (travel) on the A 5. I (go) to a meeting in Cantley. It (rain) and there was very little visibility. I (see) a yellow car on the right. It (wait) at the stop-sign on the Stanton road. There was also a black car. It (come) from Cantley but it was very far. When I (reach) the Stanton road, the green car suddenly (pull out). I think the driver (not see) me because of the rain. I (swerve) to the left to avoid him but it was too late.