Bon's tips EFL exercise


Ejercicio para 4º ESO.
(An exercise for Intermediate students.)

Rellena los huecos y comprueba tus respuestas.
(Fill in all the gaps, then check your answers.)

1. Tom (live) in Zaragoza for the past 15 years.
2. Claire (work) for S&B before she came to work for us.
3. Tom, (you/finish) reading the paper yet?
4. I would love to visit Paris. I (be/never) there.
5. Luis (play) tennis for five years when he (be) at school.
6. Can you help me? I (finish) my homework, but I still don't understand this exercise.
7. He (work) in Germany for 3 years. He (begin) work as soon as I arrived.
8. I'm not hungry, I'm afraid. I (eat/already).
9. When Claude was at school, she (learn) to play the saxophone. She (play) it ever since.
10. My brother (grow) a moustache since I last saw him.