Bon's tips EFL exercise


Ejercicio para 3º ESO.
(An exercise for Pre-Intermediate students.)

Rellena los huecos y comprueba tus respuestas.
(Fill in all the gaps, then check your answers.)
Dear Claude,
I (have) a fantastic time in Florida. I (stay)with my aunt and uncle and two cousins. I (have) got a long list of books to read before next term, but I (not read) any of them! In fact I (not use) my brain at all! Instead I (get) a tan and I (study) the art of total relaxation! Right now I (sit) in the garden with my feet in the swimming pool. I (drink) a big chocolate milkshake. And what about you? you (have) a good time in Cambridge?
Write soon and tell me all your news.
Love, Claire.