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Examen de Selectividad (6)
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Un ejercicio para 2º Bachillerato
(An exercise for Advanced students.)

Lee el texto y contesta las preguntas. Cuidado con la puntuación y las mayúsculas.
(Read the text and answer the questions. Pay attention to punctuation and capital letters.)


Package holidays, covering a two week's stay in an attractive location, are increasingly popular because they offer an inclusive price with few extras. Once you get to the airport, it is up to the tour operator to see that you get safely to your destination. Excursions, local entertainment, swimming, sunbathing, skiing, whatever you like, it's all provided for you. There is, in fact, no reason for you to bother to arrange anything for yourselves. You make friends and have a good time, but there is very little chance that you will get to know the local people. This is even less likely on a coach tour when you spend almost your entire time travelling. Of course, there are carefully scheduled stops for you to visit historic buildings and monuments, but you will probably be allowed only a brief stay overnight in some famous city, with a polite reminder to be up and have breakfast early in time for the coach the next morning. You may visit the beautiful, the historic, the ancient, but time is always at your elbow. There is also the added disadvantage of being obliged to spend your holiday with a group of people you have never met before, may not like and have no reasonable excuse for getting away from. However, it can be argued that for many people, particularly the lonely or the elderly, the feeling of belonging to a group, although for a short time, is an added bonus. They can sit safely in their seats and watch the world go by.