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Examen de Selectividad (10)
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Un ejercicio para 2º Bachillerato
(An exercise for Advanced students.)

Lee el texto y contesta las preguntas. Cuidado con la puntuación y las mayúsculas.
(Read the text and answer the questions. Pay attention to punctuation and capital letters.)


A look at the shelves in bookshops and at a list of TV programmes for the week leaves us in no doubt that people are fascinated by doctors and their work.
It is easy to understand this interest when it applies to doctors working to help patients. Following the medical history of patients and their treatment is a subject we can identify with, or at least imagine, without difficulty. We can rejoice in a cure or feel sorrow for people who are suffering from a serious illness. The drama of an emergency ward is always very exciting to those not involved in the medical profession. What makes it so interesting is the fact that it seems so true to life.
The unanswered question is why people enjoy stories about doctors who commit crimes. We certainly don't want to identify with the victims or to imagine that the doctor involved could be just like our own. So what is it about a medical murder that fascinates us so much? Isn't it strange to get pleasure when people in the medical profession use their skills to destroy, instead of to heal?
We need not judge ourselves so harshly. The attraction of the world of medicine is probably just a way of bringing some excitement into our ordinary daily existence.