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Examen de Selectividad (11)
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Un ejercicio para 2º Bachillerato
(An exercise for Advanced students.)

Lee el texto y contesta las preguntas. Cuidado con la puntuación y las mayúsculas.
(Read the text and answer the questions. Pay attention to punctuation and capital letters.)


Futurologists and experts who study New Year’s resolutions predict 2011 will be the best year ever for many people. This is welcome news for the billions around the world who hope this year will be better than last year.
2011 will see less poverty and there will be a greater number of people with access to computers. One expert looks forward to new developments that will help the environment. California will open the world's largest solar power plant and several electric cars will go on sale, including some much-awaited models. It’s going to be a great year if you study English as there will be more cool websites and applications for students to brush up on spelling, vocabulary and grammar.
It seems more of us will keep our New Year’s resolutions this year. According to a New Year’s Day poll, the top resolution is to spend more quality time with family and friends, talking to them rather than being on the phone or texting messages in front of them. The second most popular thing we will resolve to do is get fitter. Experts say many of us could keep this promise well into February instead of giving up in mid-January. Other top plans include quitting smoking, getting out of debt and helping others. Of course, learning English featured high on many people’s lists.