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Los determinantes de cantidad (1)

Ejercicio para 2 ºBachillerato
(An exercise for Avanced students)

Rellena los huecos y comprueba tus respuestas.
(Fill in the blanks and check your answers.)

avatarJim1.gif: Hi! What are you up to?

Ann: Oh I'm just looking for vintage clothing at this sale.

avatarJim1.gif: Have you found yet?

Ann: Well, there seems to be things of interest. It really is a shame.

avatarJim1.gif: I can't believe that. I'm sure you can find interesting if you look in stall.

Ann: You're probably right. It's just that there are people and they seem to be set on finding bargain.

avatarJim1.gif: How clothing do you think there is?

Ann: Oh I'd say there must be articles. However only are really worth money.

avatarJim1.gif: Why don't you take a break? Would you like to have coffee?

Ann: Sure I'd love to have . I could use minutes of downtime.

avatarJim1.gif: Great, let's go over there. There're seats left.