Bon's tips EFL exercises

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Un ejercicio para 2º Bachillerato
(An exercise for Advanced students)

Elige la conjunción correcta.
(Choose the right conjunction.)

Bon's grammar tip


although / though : aunque

even if: aunque (hipotético: suponiendo)
even though: aunque (real:a pesar de que)
Even if I had the time, I wouldn't call him.
(Aunque tuviera tiempo no lo llamaría. - hipótesis)
Even though I had the time, I couldn't call him.
(Aunque tuve tiempo, no puede llamarlo. -realidad)

for all (that): a pesar de que
much as: a pesar de lo mucho que, por mucho que
however + adjetivo: por muy + adjetivo que
no matter how + adjetivo: no importa lo + adjetivo que
whatever: sea lo que sea lo que
whereas / while / whilst: mientras que

in spite of / despite: a pesar de + sutantivo
in spite of / despite: a pesar de + verbo en -ing
in spite of the fact (that) / despite the fact (that): a pesar de que + oración

Despite / In spite of the rain, he goes out.
(A pesar de la lluvia, sale.)
Despite / In spite of being raining, he goes out.
(A pesar de estar lloviendo, sale.)
Despite the fact (that) / In spite of the fact (that) it is raining, he goes out.
(A pesar de que está lloviendo, sale.)


1. it was raining, we played the match.

2. my headache, I enjoyed the play.

3. surprising its design is somehow, their new house is really cool.

4. of the speaker's lack of preparation time, the speech was a success.

5. it costs, she'll buy it.

6. much we respect him, he bores us a little.

7. the improvements he's made, I don't think he'll win that match.

8. he travels a lot, he never fails to call me on my birthday.

9. she is only six, she plays the piano marvelously.

10. Tom is a nice person, his brother is quite rude.