Bon's tips EFL exercises

Revisión de tiempos (4)

Un ejercicio para 2º Bachillerato
(An exercise for Advanced students)

Rellena los huecos con el tiempo correcto.Ten cuidado con las mayúsculas.
(Fill in the gaps with the correct tense. Be careful with capital letters.)
* I (be) born in Dublin but (spend) most of my childhood in the US. We (live) in Boston when my father (die) .

* (you/ remember) my name or (you/ forget) it?

* My brother (join) the army when he was 22.

* In New York they (continually/ pull) down old houses and (put) up new ones.

* My home town (change) its appearance completely since the 1960s. Two years ago they (call) in a famous architect, who (already/ design) some important public buildings. Now he (prepare) the plans for a new Convention Building.

* Lend me your correction roller. I (make) a mistake and I (want) to correct it.

* I (see) you yesterday. You (have) a coffee at the café, but you (not/ see) .

* '(you/ read) 'Porterhouse Blue'? '
'I (begin) the book last week and I (just/ finish) it.

* '(you/ like) darts?'
'Yes, but I (not/ play) for many years.

* ' We (wait) here for half an hour now, so I (not/ think) he will come.