Bon's tips EFL exercise


Ejercicio para 2º BACHILLERATO.
(An exercise for Advanced students.)

Elige la respuesta correcta.
(Choose the correct asnwer.)
1. I get free milk at school when I was a boy.
2. It be very hot in summer at that time.
3. He give her a lift to work in the days before she passed her test.
4. There be a lot of fun around here in the old days.
5. France be a monarchy but now it’s a republic.
6. I live alone when I was a student.
7. I like going to pop concerts when I was a teenager.
8. My father didn’t know that we borrow his car when he was at work.
9. When the weather was good , we go walking in the countryside.
10. The children stand up when an adult came into the class in the old days.