Bon's tips EFL exercise

(Oraciones consecutivas)

Ejercicio para 2º BACHILLERATO.
(An exercise for Advanced students.)

Rellena los espacios en blanco.
(Fill in the blancks.)
so - such - such a/an

1. They were bored that they started studying.
2. There were many people that we couldn’t buy a ticket.
3. He is bad player that nobody wants him in their team.
4. Tom is popular boy that everybody invites him.
5. Jim is absent minded that he always forget his keys.
6. They were cheap t-shirts that we bought quite a lot.
7. Sundays are boring days that I never know what to do.
8. Bob is angry that we don’t want to meet him.
9. It’s lovely afternoon that I’m going out for a walk.
10. She is intelligent woman that everybody asks her advice.