Bon's tips EFL exercise

ESSAY: "What is your main meal of the day? When and where do you have it? Are your eating habits different at the weekend?"

Un ejercicio para 2º BACHILLERATO.
(An exercise for Advanced students)

Empareja las oraciones con su número de orden en la redacción.
(Match the sentences with its order number in the composition.)
My main meal of the day is lunch, like most Spaniards, I guess.
I usually have lunch at home with my parents and my sister.
Weekends are different.
I usually go out to play football in the morning
and my parents have a late lunch as they like to go out for some "tapas" before lunch.
The rest of the meals are a bit chaotic,
as everyone in the house has a different timetable,
most of us having a TV dinner in the evenings and a custom breakfast at different times.
To sum up, the rigid routines of working days bring us all together to the table,
but weekends are completely different.